Chemical processes that involve converting natural resources into commercial products are the most complicated and demanding uses of the pipes, valves and fittings that Traeger Brothers sells. These processes require valves that can operate under severe pressures, under extremely high or low temperature conditions with unquestionable reliability and efficiency. 

These applications demand the highest quality valves engineered and constructed to exacting standards. These requirements mesh perfectly with Traeger’s superior service, premium manufacturers, technical sales expertise and product sourcing abilities. Nickel mines require ultra-high temperature Super Duplex Alloy Ball Valves for their fines calcining process. Methanol and fertilizer plants need chrome alloy valves for their high temperature operations. Cryogenic plants that liquefy hydrogen, helium or hydrocarbon gas need low temperature ASTM A350LF2 steel valves designed to resist cracks and other failures, although also designed to operate while incased in thick insulation blankets. Some plants require valves cleaned and bagged for oxygen service. Chemical plants use oil refining techniques to crack hydrocarbon atoms to create polymers that will later be molded into the mouse and keyboard you are using right now. Pharmaceutical plants require automated valves for high frequency operation in their mass-production requirements. Plastics plants can also benefit from automated and networked ball and butterfly valves, where multiple processes can be switched mid-stream remotely from the control room as required product runs start and finish. These plants are among mankind’s most complicated additions to the industrial world. Their operation demands critical attention to product quality and design in order to return maximum efficiency. They must adhere to the highest safety standards, which require the usage of the quality products to insure that failures and leaks are eliminated. Ever higher environmental standards call for enhanced emission controls, demanding highly engineered and precision built valves such as the Kitz brand that Traeger supplies. Smokestack emissions must be scrubbed; boiler injections must be purified, effluents must be treated. All of these systems add cost and complexity to already complicated systems; the managers of these plants have much to worry about already; that’s why they count on Traeger for their seamless supply line for their critically required products. Traeger Brothers supplies the high tech valves that these industries require, from reliable, high quality manufacturers, quickly and efficiently, and at a competitive price, thus leaving the plant management the time they need to insure their operation remains safe, efficient and competitive in today’s world.

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