Wastewater treatment systems involve much of the same piping and valves that are common in the water industry, with slightly different styles and finishes. Piping to transport raw sewerage from its source to the pumping stations can be low pressure cast iron, HDPE or PVC. Submersible pumps inside collection pits can send the sewage into high pressure force mains through to the treatment center. 


Once the sewage water is separated from the solids and treated it can be discharged appropriately and the solids treated and stored. Often the storm water runoff is handled by the same division, although care must be taken to insure the two are not co-mingled. Grease traps, backflow preventers and other devices can also help to keep the system flowing smoothly. Traeger can supply the systems of plug and check valves, as well as the epoxy coated flanged fittings required inside pump stations. Once the media is moved to the treatment facility more specialized equipment is required, but Traeger can still assist with general infrastructure including steel structures, grates, ladders, tanks, liners and the like.


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